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What will I learn in guitar lessons?



Proper basic technique (posture, finger placement, movement), your favorite songs, tuning your guitar, chords, strumming patterns, melodies, finger picking and guitar mechanics (changing strings etc.).  You can also learn how to write songs!



Specialty chords and how to create your own chords, more complex rhythmic strumming patterns, difficult finger picking patterns, alternate tunings, how to play by ear and jamming. 


To Book a Lesson Call: 604.600.9783.

Guitar & Voice 

Combination Guitar and Voice lessons-


For those that would love to play, sing and/or write, taking combination lessons can be extremely rewarding. For beginners to professionals of all ages. You can work on:


*Playing and singing at the same time

*Finding songs that will suite your voice and playing style



*Professional Development 


If you are new to both guitar and voice (beginner), we recommend starting with Voice OR Guitar for the first 2-4 months and then adding the second instrument for a 1 hour combination lesson. 

shera kelly voice

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