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Voice Lessons

 What styles are taught?


A variety of styles are taught at Shera Kelly Voice including pop, folk, country, rock, blues, R&B, and Jazz. Training is provided in an encouraging atmosphere that helps beginners and professionals grow as musicians.


What happens in a Voice lesson?


In a voice lesson typically one third to half of the lesson is spent working on warm ups and technique. The second part of a lesson is spent integrating these techniques to learn and practice songs. 


*Vocal technique is a series of voice exercises tailored to the students needs. The exercises usually focus on things such as breath, posture, singing with a rich sound, articulation and strengthening. 


What happens when we work on a song?


Song work is fun and challenging! In vocal lessons you will integrate the vocal technique you are developing with the songs you sing. Song work can also include, but is not limited to:


*Giving an emotionally compelling performance

*Learning vocal improvisation

*Live performance skills

*Combined guitar and voice lessons (recommended 1 hour


*Songwriting, how to write your own song


How long is a lesson?


Lessons are usually 60 mins, 45 mins or 30 mins long.  

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