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What did you think of Shera Kelly Voice?


Polly Dobie -

"Over the past five months, I have watched my ten year old daughter, Orla, develop confidence and a deepening love of singing. Shera’s engaging personality, beautiful voice, depth of teaching and ability to adapt to my daughter’s own style of learning has made her voice lesson night become the highlight of her week. Shera allows my daughter to choose material that is relevant and fun, but at the same time, Shera’s focus on voice and performance skills have also helped develop Orla’s overall confidence. She tells me ‘when I sing, I am happy.’ Thank you Shera!"

Point Grey Secondary Workshop

"In the midst of our exploration of poetry (reading, writing, performing), Shera and Michael visited two of my English 8 classes with a session entitled ‘Finding Inspiration.’ The magic in this workshop was that their honesty and level of engagement with young teens managed to trigger involvement. Most often great smiles and nods of the head as well as toe tapping, and finger snapping- no easy feat for teenagers in the morning in late Spring! Shera and Michael sang and played guitar and then delicately opened up the layers of discussion for the students to see how and where inspiration finds fruition. Their anecdotes about the creative process spoke to many students who often don’t consider themselves ‘creative’ or who see ‘creativity’ as belonging to a secret club. I’ve seen many speakers over my 20 years of teaching and these accomplished and inspirational musician/teachers are the real deal! Thank you, Shera and Michael!"

Polly Dobie- Point Grey Secondary




"Shera has a natural approach to recognizing the aspects of my voice that need attention. I appreciate her balance of repetition and creativity as well as the strategies she prepares for each lesson!"

Brian Oliver- 

Maria Collina Fanthorpe -

"I have always been one of those people that admired ...and kind of envied... musicians. I never had the chance as a kid to take lessons and come from a mostly tone-deaf family, so I assumed I'd always just be a spectator. It was with great fear that I went to my first lesson with Shera but she has done so much to encourage me and help me grow and discover even more of the beauty of music. Her style of teaching - no pressure - have fun - try something new - makes every class enjoyable. "

Sunni Westbrook -  Voice Actor

Cozy Glow on My Little Ponies

"I'm an actor with zero singing training. Sometimes a gal has gotta sing for an audition (or just for fun) and I wanted to be better. Being an adult student can be awkward but Shera made me comfortable. I was never self conscious or embarrassed no matter how the lessons went. Shera took the time to understand where I was starting form and work with me at my level. I could tell she prepared a lesson plan just for me. Shera is always prepared for our time together and motivates me to keep at it! After working with Shera my tone, ear and singing confidence have improved. I'm so happy I found her."

Danielle Pistilli- 

"My son Keaton joined singing lessons for the first time this year and Shera was fantastic with him right from the start, making him feel comfortable by engaging in just enough silliness to bring him out of his shell. 


Keaton has grown very fond of Shera as she makes learning fun and easy!  And it doesn't hurt that she has a really uniquely beautiful voice. Thanks for all that you do with him because it is much more than just a singing lesson for him!


Keaton's testimonial:


Shera is always saying funny things that make me laugh when we are practicing and I like that she is always saying nice things too when I sing. I like going to practice with her. 


Happy to provide a testimonial for such a great coach with a beautiful voice!



"This is my first time taking vocal lessons, and Shera makes singing so approachable to beginners!  I am learning so much about how to use my voice as an instrument, and just having fun singing.  I am amazed at how much improvement I am seeing in such a short time.  I highly recommend Shera if you want to learn how to sing, to play the guitar, to write your own song, or to do all of the above simultaneously.  Feel free to ask Shera for my contact if you need a reference; I am happy to chat with you about how awesome Shera is."













Andrew Bruce Lau


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