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Preparing For a Performance

With the increased student performances in the last year I’ve had quite a few questions about the process of preparing to be on stage. “How do I warm up my voice before I go onstage?” “How do I calm my stage fright?” “How do I use a micro phone?” These are all common questions I get so this months blog is: Preparing for A Performance.

Lets start with some of these questions.

How do I warm up my voice before I go onstage?

I recommend, on the day that you perform, warming your voice up for around 20 minutes using warm ups that we do in our lessons. You may even want to sing through the songs once each. I would avoid working on any technical aspects at this point and try to have that work done before the day you perform. You can do these warm ups at home before you leave or at the venue if it permits (I know that I’ve sang outside a venue to warm up before).

How do I warm up as a guitar player?

It is similar, in a way, to warming up your voice. You may want to do some scales the day of or run through the songs once each. Always tune before you go onstage!

How do I calm my stage fright?

I tell all of my students of the terrible stage fright I initially had when I first started performing. What cured it was performing as often as I could and being as prepared for the performance as I could. Almost every performer will go through some form of stage fright. Here are a couple tips:

  • Make sure you have the piece memorized as much as you possibly can. Even if you get nervous your brain will have the muscle memory to sing or play the song.

  • If possible perform the piece for a family member, a friend or music teacher that you know will be supportive before you perform on stage. They will often give you a couple of ideas you can practice before you go onstage.

  • Have some positive things you can say to yourself before and after the performance. Sometimes, the night before a performance when I am about to go to sleep I visualize funny things that can go wrong and what I will do if something goes wrong (for example if I trip and fall while walking onstage, I imagine getting up and taking a bow while people laugh).

  • Visualizing is a fun way to imagine the positive things that will happen while you are onstage. You can picture what you are going to say and what the epic parts of the song will be and a huge applause:)!

How do I sing into a microphone? How do I set up a mic stand?

Most people don’t realize how important mic technique is until they are onstage. I can teach you these things in our lesson if you’d like! It is great if you have your own microphone and can practice at home too.

If you can make a performance fun for yourself it can go a long way towards diminishing fear. The more you perform the easier it gets and the more fun it becomes! If you ever have any questions send them my way! I can write pages on this topic.

Open Mic- TreeHouse Concert Series

In August the Open Mic was a success so I’ve decided to host another one this month! My aim with this open mic is to create a comfortable un-amplified setting for students to have some of their first performances. You are also welcome to attend just to watch (space permitting. Let me know if you'd like to come to be an audience member).

Location: 1549 Kitchener street apartment #207

Date: Sunday October 26th

Time: 7pm-9pm

Dress: Casual or Halloween:)

Snacks? Yes! and it is encouraged to bring a snack too to share.

RSVP: By October 10th and please let me know if you are bringing someone or if your family is coming.

Max Participants: 8 Performers

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