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East Vancouver voice instructor and singer/songwriter starts local indie choir.

Pondering Kitchen Tunes

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East Vancouver voice instructor and singer/songwriter starts local indie choir.

Vancouver, BC (Aug 15, 2015) – East Vancouver will get a new choir starting this fall (Sept 2015) called The Kitchen Choir. This won’t be your typical choir; this is an urban folk/rock/pop choir that will cover various local Vancouver musicians, such as The Be Good Tanyas, Mother Mother and Hannah Georgas. “I wanted to start a choir where people could come together and share their love of music, and showcase some of Vancouver’s local talent,” says choir leader Shera Kelly. Mrs. Kelly is a local singer/songwriter herself and has taught voice and guitar for seven years. She is a graduate of the Selkrik Collage of Music in Nelson, a sister school of Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Ms Kelly was inspired to start this choir when one of her students said, “I would join a choir, only if it was hip and urban”. “There are a lot of pop and classical choirs in this city but I really wanted to showcase local music and to inspire people with the type of music that’s coming out of Vancouver. We’re too far removed from the music that’s being created here and I wanted them to know they can create their own,” says Kelly.

The kitchen choir is also meant to inspire connection and well being in the community.

“Something magical happens when you sing with other people. There are studies to show singing with others greatly impacts your health. When people sing together their heartbeats synchronize and I can’t help but feel that connectivity and being able to express yourself emotionally is why people walk away feeling happier and lighter”. Start date: Thursday, Sept 10th 2014 Where: Commerical Drive (1549 Kichener Street) Cost: $5 per session (First session free) Details: No experience necessary. Register at

Shera Kelly Voice is a music school in Vancouver offering private voice and guitar lessons.

For more information:

Shera Kelly


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